Sharpening our focus with critical feedback: Clinnova Advisory Board meeting and third Consortium meeting in Luxembourg

On 14 and 15 June, the Clinnova partners met in Belval, Luxembourg, for the third consortium meeting of the project. In addition, the Clinnova advisory board, comprised of six international experts on digital health and personalised medicine, joined on 14 June to hear about the latest status of the project and provide their critical feedback.


Over the day, the Clinnova partners presented the overall strategy of the project, and how Clinnova will drive the adoption of digital health and personalised medicine in Luxembourg. In further presentations, the topics dove deep into how research and innovation will play a role in the proposed Centre of Excellence, building on the existing strengths of Luxembourg in the areas of biomedical and data-driven research in order to provide value to patients, society and our other stakeholders.

The advisory board all agreed that Clinnova was a unique opportunity for Luxembourg and a worthy proposal for a TEAMING project, as the timing is perfect for digital health on a European landscape. However, it was clear that the consortium still has work to do, as the clock ticks towards the 15 November deadline. On the second day, the Clinnova partners from Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany met to discuss the feedback and recommendations from the advisory board, and to sharpen the project into the final phase of business plan preparation.

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