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Dr. Frank Glod, Clinnova Project Coordinator is Head of Unit for the Strategic Research programme at the FNR, as well as programme officer of the biomedical sciences research programme (CORE BM). He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and has gained postdoctoral research experience at the University of Minnesota and University of Michigan.

He benefits from previous participation in the joint programming initiatives of the EU as well as several ERA-NETs (ERA-NET SysBio, ERA-Net Neuron, ERA-NET Neuron II) where he is member of the Management Board of the Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND) which is a European Union member state-led initiative in the area of neurodegeneration, and Member of the Network Steering Committee and Executive Board of the ERA-NET Neuron (where he was also work package leader) and ERA-NET Neuron II, European coordinated action (CA) networks on Neurodegenerative Diseases.

At the FNR he was project leader of the FNR Foresight Study, which involved coordinating the participation of international experts and stakeholders from the research community, society, and the economy of Luxembourg in the process of identifying national research priorities.